Jordan Grace is a semi-popular YouTuber. She works as a professional choreographer. She’s responsible for the choreography in the music video In My Feelings by Drake, which, by the way, triggered a viral sensation on social media.

Jordan posts consistent content on her YouTube page. Most of her posted content is dance-related. She shares choreography with her loyal followers, who are more than thankful for getting dance tips from a Hollywood pro.

But our featured video from Jordan is different from her usual posts. Here, she surprises her husband with a special gift. Watch the video and bask in the sweetness of it all.

At the beginning of the video, Jordan explains her plan, which she’d worked on for the past two months. She’s giving her beloved husband one of his most enduring wishes since five years old. That is to have a pet doggo.

According to Jordan, her husband does not cry at all. But she suspects he’d cry over her pawsome surprise. That statement is enough to hype us up on how her hubby would react to Jordan’s sweet surprise.

Jordan enlisted the help of her brother, Asher, to pull off her plans. They drive together to the airport to pick up the dog. The dog is soon revealed to be a wrinkly pitbull.

Finally, the time of the big reveal comes. Jordan accompanies her husband to their room, where the pitbull is waiting on the bed. We see how shocked the husband is.

After the initial shock, the husband gets a hold of himself. He kisses Jordan to convey his gratitude. He then approaches the pitbull on the bed, to share their first cuddle ever.

There’s another fluffy dog in the video that’s not happy with the attention the pitbull is getting. We know where he’s coming from, and we feel sorry for him.

Thanks to Jordan Grace


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