Taylor Smith decided to take her scooter out for a quick tour around Bali, Indonesia, when she came across a stray puppy on the road. Taylor recalled that she immediately picked the puppy up as soon as it walked towards her.

Taylor was not planning on bringing the stray she found back to the place where she was staying, but she decided to take the puppy with her and went to a nearby cafe instead. Taylor thinks that the puppy immediately fell asleep after eating some chicken because the puppy must have thought that she would leave afterward.

Woman Traveling In Bali Rescues A Sick Puppy

This woman on vacation stopped everything to save a sick puppy in Bali 💞💞💞

Posted by The Dodo on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Taylor admitted that the thought of leaving the stray pup behind killed her, so she decided to take the puppy back to her lodging. Taylor noticed that the puppy was not feeling well, so she decided to do some more observation.

Taylor knew her gut feeling was right when she discovered the puppy whom she just let out for a quick potty break suddenly fell to the ground. Taylor felt that she had to do something for the puppy, so she postponed her trip back to the United States of America.

Taylor named the puppy Stevie, and eventually realized that she loves the puppy. Taylor recalled that she only had less than a week left in Bali when she saw Stevie’s first episode of fainting.

Taylor refused to give up on her new friend, so she decided to put her whole life on a pause to help Stevie. She stayed in Bali for three months, until Stevie was well enough to travel to Taylor’s home country.

Taylor shared that flying dogs in and out of Bali was illegal, so she had Stevie transported from Bali to Jakarta. Stevie could not hide her happiness as soon as she reunited with Taylor, and the two traveled back to America together.

Source: The Dodo via Facebook


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