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Kids always want to do the grocery and they get excited even at the sight of the food around or even the toys that they can see on the shelves. Who doesn’t love it?

I’m a big fan of doing groceries especially on those spots where everything is of high quality but in affordable prices – yes, like Target!

Who wouldn’t love this place? Even animals like dogs love to be in this kind of place. There’s something in this place that it makes you wish not to leave. One perfect example of a dog who enjoys being at Target is Zira.

Zira, a Corgie-Aussie mix visited Target with her mom @virgoprincxss and she posted about the puppy on Twitter which gathered over 540k likes and has been shared over 145k times in the Twitter world! What more on the outside?

Are you ready to see how does she look like on the photos that people went crazy over this little puppy? Then check the photos attached below:

Zira looks that she’s living the life that she has imagined for too long. You can see it by how her mouth open-wide and she’s smiling from ear-to-ear like a happy toddler that has been toured along a pile of toys!

The happiness and feeling of awe are plastered all over her face on the photos and it gave people the feel of good vibes!

Such a sweet thing to look at when you’re bored or simply mad at the beginning of your day. It is something that simply reminds us to be happy with the little things life has brought us.

After all, who wouldn’t be happy in a place where you can buy almost everything that you need from dog food to little cute dresses? If I were Zira, I would be celebrating and will dance inside that cart!

Source: Jesse via Twitter


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