Skunks are not all that bad. They even look a little cute. And, the fact is, these animals serve specific functions for ecological balance. For pet owners, however, skunks can sometimes be a big nuisance. Why? They make your dog stinky.

Even the shortest contact between your dog and a skunk will leave an odor so bad you can’t help but wage war against these critters.

Yes, the threat skunks pose to dogs is not exactly threatening. It is undeniably unpleasant, however. Too unpleasant that you can and will find harsh methods on how to keep skunks off your dog online.

This piece will not champion these methods that are extreme and potentially counterproductive. Here we give you safer options.

But first, let’s get something out of the way.

Skunks matter

Yes, having skunks scavenging through your trash is an unsightly sight. But have you ever considered what would happen if they ceased to exist? Well, here’s what will happen.

If skunks are completely terminated, pest control will be compromised. This will result to population growth of peskier creatures like termites, beetles, and grubs, among others. If you aren’t ready for your house to be invaded by these creatures, go easy on them skunks.

That’s just how ecology works. Each and every creature serves a significant purpose in the greater scheme of things.

This does not mean you should totally tolerate skunks. In fact, you can reduce their disturbances by using these warding-off implements.

Pepper spray or cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is not the most resilient skunk deterrent out there. However, it happens to be the safest and most accessible. Putting cayenne pepper or pepper spray on the favorite spots of your visiting skunks will soon drive them away.

If washed out with rain, you must quickly reapply. And once those skunks have vacated your property keep them off for good by putting up a reliable fence.

If you want a slightly more potent option, pepper spray is something you can consider. This mixture is comprised of jalapeno peppers, yellow onion, and cayenne pepper. You must boil the mixture for about half an hour.

The best time to apply this spray mixture is three days after a big downpour of rain.

Predator urine

Some creatures can be driven away by dog urine. Others are more resilient and less afraid. In these cases, you must level up your game by upgrading to a scarier choice: predator urine.

Here we are talking about coyote urine. This is something you can purchase in outdoor outlets. Like the aforementioned pepper sprays, coyote urine should be regularly reapplied.

Citrus peels

Determine where your skunk visitors spend most of their time in your property. Sprinkle citrus peels in these areas. The smell of these will deter skunks from staying or from returning to your property.

Unlike the first two options, citrus peels do not require consistent reapplication. Their effects will last until they completely rot. That said they are more convenient. You can just shop for citrus fruits from your local grocery, eat the insides, and use the peels to drive skunks away.




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