Pit bulls are often misunderstood. A lot of people believed that pit bulls are mean, violent and aggressive making them unsuitable as family companions. The misconception about the breed may have stemmed from the fact that pit bulls are often used in many dog fighting organizations. The breed is known for their ability to finish a fight.

But in truth, regardless of the dog breed, a dog can become violent and aggressive if they didn’t receive the appropriate training. On the other hand, pit bulls are incredibly loyal and sweet to their family. That is why if they perceived danger or sense a threat they will protect their ‘pack’ no matter what it takes.

Molly, a full-grown pit bull, proved that she could be a sweet and caring family companion, not only to his owner but also to the kitten which his human decided to adopt.

Molly is already a full grown pit bull when her human found an abandoned kitten. The man brought the kitten home and decided he will raise the poor kitty by himself. He believed that pit bulls are gentle and sweet and to prove his point he decided to record Molly and the kitten. Watch the clip below for Molly’s reaction.


Look at Molly’s reaction. She was very excited and curious at the same time. But she was very gentle when the man placed the baby kitten near her face. It didn’t take long before Molly’s maternal instincts kicked in.

You can see later on that Molly began licking the kitten with kisses and love, showing just how much he cares for the baby kitten despite their differences.

This just proved that pit bulls can be sweet and affectionate and that they are not as aggressive as what most people think.

Source Francisco Xavier Orozco via YouTube 


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