Whenever people go to animal shelters to adopt a rescue dog, they usually go for the younger ones. Not a lot of people want an older or a senior dog. Older dogs may not have as much energy as younger dogs do, but they offer a different kind of companionship that only a few can appreciate.

Danielle Fredericks knows precisely how special senior or older dogs are. However, what she didn’t know was that she wasn’t only going to end up with a senior dog. Danielle ended up adopting an ugly-looking senior dog named Bridgette that nobody else wanted.

Although Bridgette may look ugly, Danielle considers her one of the most beautiful dogs she ever met. Bridgette is a Brussels Griffon that had an underbite. When Danielle adopted Bridgette, Bridgette was already eight-years-old. Danielle also knew that Bridgette didn’t really have a great life growing up. Bridgette was a puppy mill dog who never knew life outside a cage.

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Danielle wanted to give Bridgette the best life she could possibly have. However, Bridgette’s transition from a neglected dog to an environment that gave her nothing but love was a little hard. Bridgette was shy and closed off.

However, Danielle refused to give up on Bridgette. She knew that somewhere in there is a sweet dog that wants nothing but love and to give love. It took Danielle two years to help Bridgette realize that she’s in a loving environment. Eventually, Bridgette started to show more of her personality.

Danielle adores her senior dog. Danielle would often take Bridgette on water therapy to help her keep her mobility for as long as possible, and Danielle keeps Bridgette stimulated by taking her on regular walks outdoors.

Danielle stated that Bridgette has the personality of an old lady. Bridgette’s really not interested in playing, but she loves to hang out with other dogs. She also sleeps a lot and would often be found cuddling with Danielle.

Despite looking a little different from other dogs, Bridgette feels loved thanks to Danielle. It’s not too late to give senior dogs a second chance. Here’s a heartwarming video showing Bridgette’s story, which will show everyone just how amazing it is to adopt a senior dog.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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