It’s always sad to hear news about dogs being abandoned by their owners. When we adopt dogs, we need to remember that we also make a lifetime commitment to taking care of them. Dogs aren’t disposable animals that we should discard once we get tired of them.

Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world where all people know how to treat their pet dogs. Some dog owners think that dogs are simply properties that they can get rid of when they no longer serve a purpose. Two pitties named Bridget and Louie were dropped off in a shelter without any reason.

The two dogs looked miserable, and they appeared to have given up on life. Bridget and Louie clung to each other as if they thought they only had each other. The two dogs looked sad and broken. Shelter staff took a photo of the two dogs hunched together, which caught the attention of a couple who took pity on the two dogs, which later became their foster mom and dad.

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When Bridget and Louie arrived in their temporary home, Bridget immediately went straight to the couch and spent most of the day there. Bridget loves the sofa and could sleep all day if she wanted to. Louie was still unsure and would cling to Bridget to feel safe.

Bridget and Louie eventually started to recover, and thanks to the love they felt from their foster family, the two dogs finally started opening up more. Once they recovered from their illness, the couple introduced Bridget and Louie to their dogs, who happily welcomed them to the family. Bridget and Louie loved their foster dog siblings and spent a lot of time playing outside.

The couple and the Texas Animal Society already knew that Bridget and Louie were bonded pairs. They could never be separated and should be adopted together in one home. Thankfully, a woman named Monica has been following the progress of the two pitties. Once the two dogs were healthy and ready for adoption, Monica didn’t hesitate to call and apply to adopt the two dogs.

Bridget and Louie’s foster parents drove all the way from Texas to California to meet Monica and to drop off the two dogs to their new home. When the two dogs met Monica, it was love at first sight, and the couple who took in Bridget and Louie knew that Monica was the perfect fit for the two dogs. Here’s a link below the screenshots to the heartwarming video telling the story of Bridget and Louie.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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