Baseball and dogs quite fit perfectly, don’t they? While baseball players love throwing things, dogs are very much happy to fetch it for them. This is precisely what dogs in the minor league do: fetch stuff for players. But don’t worry, they’re not in the actual game themselves. Most of them are batdogs and water dogs and most of the time, entertainer dogs.

Here are three of our favorite dogs in sports that you should definitely catch.

Clyde of Los Angeles Angels

This German Shepherd mix is a rescue dog when the head groundskeeper for the Los Angeles Angels, Lori Lopas, adopted him from the shelter. He is such a fun and energetic dog, always excited to go to the ballpark with Lori. The players love playing fetch with the pup, and if they’re all busy practicing for a game, Clyde shifts his attention to the birds in the field.

The LA Angels undoubtedly adore this big goofball as he is quite gentle and friendly, especially in the field.

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Rookie of Trenton Thunder

Rookie is already the third Golden Retriever to take the role of batdog after his grandfather and father both passed away. When the Thunders first introduce him to their fans in 2014, everybody instantly went crazy. His duties mostly include grabbing the barrel of the baseball bat and returning it to the dugout. For a batdog, he takes his role rather seriously.

But when he’s off duty, he loves roaming around the stadium to meet his fans and hanging out with the players.

Hank of Milwaukee Brewers


Hank was a mere stray wandering in the Milwaukee Brewers practice field. The Bichon Frise mix instantly made himself at home with the players, sharing their meals and playing with them in the locker room. Soon enough, he was adopted by the team General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Marti Wronski and introduced as an official part of the team.

Meet another equally famous batdog here.

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