Whether it is a dog, a cat, a fish, a bird, or even a reptile, pet parents consider their pets, their babies. Whichever pet you have, a bond shared with them lasts a lifetime.

Dogs are synonymous as a man’s best friend because dogs allow us to be their best friend. But when this Boxer’s dad asked him a question, he seemed to have a strong opinion on the pressing matter at hand.

“Are you a dog? Or are you a baby?” If dogs could pout, this dog has done it quite excellently.

While the Boxer took offense on the question, his adorable response further reinforced the serious issue.

To humans, this question may seem funny and nothing too serious, but to this Boxer right here, he took it seriously and straight through the heart.

If a dog translator machine ever existed, in an exasperated tone, “No, dad, I am not a baby,” “How could you ask me such question, Dad?” “I am extremely appalled by this alarming question you asked.”  “Seriously Dad, you are still going to ask me that?” “Please stop asking me that ridiculous question, parents!” might just what the translating device would say.

Sitting on the lap of his dad with his paws wrapped around his shoulders, the dog let out a series of howls that made his parents reiterate the question jokingly.

He may be big, tall, and almost the same size as his dad, but Boxer fills up the hearts of his mom and dad and the apple of their eyes. 

While this Boxer’s parents seemed to have their fair share of laughter, his dad immediately apologizes by saying, “I didn’t mean to offend you! I’m so sorry,” for making fun of their big little guy, and gives a quick peck on the dog’s face.

Source: Dog Stories via OhMyPup


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