Ever since the release of “The Mandalorian,” Baby Yoda has taken over the internet by storm. After all, who wouldn’t be swayed by his extreme cuteness that is basically out of this world? But if you think that there wouldn’t be anything more adorable than that little alien, then you haven’t met Mork.

The pooch, who looks a lot like a pug and a bulldog mix, is on his way to internet stardom, all thanks to his Baby Yoda-like features! Mork was among the bunch of canines whom the organization HarbinSHS rescued from a Chinese meat trade.

He was too frail by that time and suffered intestinal complications. Miraculously, he recovered after treatment and was flown to Los Angeles. But even before his arrival, the organization already sent out pictures of him for possible adoption.

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One of the photos reached Nikki Carvey, the founder of Roadogs, a non-profit animal shelter. When she first saw Mork and his adorable puppy eyes and pointed ears, she knew she wanted to take him home. She was so in love with the pup that she even had an Instagram page made just for him.

That was when the internet discovered the resemblance between Mork and Baby Yoda, mainly because of his ears’ position. Shortly after that, he became the talk of the town. In fact, in just over a month after Nikki created his Instagram, Mork already has over 100,000 followers!

His fans are saying that he stole their hearts and that he is definitely the cutest thing next to Baby Yoda. Although Mork is still a bit underweight and has several congenital issues, rest assured that Nikki is keeping the pup as healthy and as safe as possible.

When the pooch fully recovers, Nikki hopes that he will become a therapy dog for hospitals and nursing homes. She was sure that he would do a great job of putting a smile on people’s faces. Have a look at one of his daily adventures here.

Courtesy of morkskywalker


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