Sometimes parents catch their kids doing something they’re not allowed to do, like trying to take some money from their mom’s purse or playing video games past their bedtime on a school night.

And the mischievous kids, even though they had been caught red-handed, would try to make up some lame excuse as to why they were doing what their parents caught them doing. They know the excuse won’t work, but it’s better than not trying to save face.

How about when parents catch their dogs doing something naughty? That’s what happened to the dog in our story: he was caught trying to open a kitchen cabinet.

The dog was desperately doing his best to open the door of a kitchen cabinet. Leaning on the washer that was standing right next to the cabinet, he grabbed the door handle using his mouth and tried to open the cupboard.

Unfortunately, the door wouldn’t open. The dog tried again. Still using his mouth, he pulled on the cabinet door handle to get the door open. He succeeded in opening it a bit, but it quickly snapped shut.

The dog must have known about the quote that says if you don’t succeed on your first few tries, you can always try again and again. He kept at it, hoping he would be able to open the cupboard.

However, the door wouldn’t open. It had a kind of spring that makes it close right away unless you open it wide enough.

Still, the dog wouldn’t give up. He continued to try opening the kitchen cabinet, unaware that his owner had been watching him and filming him the whole time.

Finally, the dog’s owner called out to him and asked him what he was doing. Knowing he was caught in the act, the dog got down on the floor and froze. He didn’t look back at his owner; he just looked down and didn’t move.

Was he perhaps thinking his owner wouldn’t see him if he didn’t move a muscle? Or was he thinking of a way to explain his behavior? He alone knows.

Watch his hilarious reaction in the video below.

Source: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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