A vacation is not complete without making one friend or two along the way. After all, you’ll never know if he (or she) might be your forever travel buddy if you don’t decide to say hi. But while humans are the ones who usually make friends while on holiday, who says dogs can do so, too?

Meet Stanley, the dachshund who found an unlikely pal in the form of a rescued seal! Stanley was accompanying his owner, Melanie Talbot, and her mom, Wendy Clark-Newby, as they spend a week-long holiday in St Ives.

One of the attractions they visited was the Sea Life Trust Cornish Seal Sanctuary, which was based in Cornwall. The trio was having the time of their life strolling around the site when they happened upon an adorable seal entertaining fellow visitors at the sanctuary.

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The two-year-old sausage dog immediately looked interested at the swimming mammal and led Melanie to the seal’s tank. Upon their arrival at the transparent enclosure, Melanie placed Stanley close to the tank to see the seal better.

That was when the seal named Aayla swam right next to Stanley as if seeing a long lost friend. The pooch didn’t mind the seal’s closeness at all and even tried to touch her snoot behind the glass. The duo then posed for a series of snaps, some of which showed them directly looking at the camera!

Melanie was pretty astounded by the seal’s behavior. But she realized that Aayla must have only mistaken the dachshund for a tiny seal since he was sporting a fleece hoodie during the encounter. Add that to Stanley’s seal-like snoot, and it’s easy to mistake him for a marine mammal.

But whether it was Stanley’s seal-like outfit or Aayla’s fascination with canines, it is still safe to say that the two are easily one of the most adorable vacation friends on the internet.  Look at their cute photo here.

Posted by Cornish Seal Sanctuary (OFFICIAL) on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Courtesy of Cornish Seal Sanctuary (OFFICIAL)


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