The internet is pretty obsessed about grumpy looking dogs. After all, it isn’t every day that you can see a grouchy pooch popping out on your newsfeed. Since they are well-known to be all smiles and sunshine, a cranky pup clearly stands out from the crowd.

This Brussels Griffon belongs to this rank of grumpy canines. Chico is almost a year-old pup, living the best life with his 47-year-old fur mom, Belle Evans. Because of his permanent underbite, the pooch gives off a cranky expression that hooked Belle into adopting him.

The first time she met him, Belle knew that he would make an excellent addition to her doggy pack. It was his somewhat crooked jaw that landed him a spot in the home. Although he did look a bit fed up with the world, she discovered that Chico was actually a loving and sweet guy.

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The pup would constantly be on the lookout for his fur sisters Hazel, a pug mix, Ramona, a Boston terrier mix, and Rita, a pug. But instead of playing with them like how normal dogs do, Chico is the bossy one around and enjoys making his sisters his chew toys. He would even sleep on top of his fur siblings, earning him the nickname piggybacker.

When he’s not hanging out with at least one of his sisters, he would be entertaining his mom’s requests for photos and dress up. Belle enjoyed putting them in costumes and sharing her pup’s pictures on the internet. In fact, the four have an Instagram page boasting of almost 10,000 followers!

Although Chico is the smallest and the newest of the pack, he is obviously the internet favorite, thanks to his grumpy looks. Belle shared that she mostly loves Chico’s looks, especially when he quints his eyes and looks at you like a disappointment boss. Look at his adorable face here.

Posted by Belle Evans on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Courtesy of Belle Evans


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