Frankie, the pit bull, looked terrible when he was rescued. He was skin and bones when he was found. The rescuers brought him to the vet and were informed of his condition.

The vet estimated Frankie to be 11 years old. The vet informed his rescuers that Frankie had cancer. The doctor highly recommended euthanasia because of his health issues.

The rescuers did not heed the doctor’s advice. They wanted to do more for Frankie and give him a chance to live and enjoy life. If it meant bringing him to a hospice to get better, so be it.

That’s not what happened. When his rescuers brought Frankie to Wayward Ranch Animal Sanctuary, he was quite shy. He was unsure of his environment, which made him apprehensive in expressing himself.

People from the sanctuary fostered Frankie and wanted to find him a good home when he is ready. After three months of fostering, Frankie has gained a significant amount of weight. He also became very playful and energetic.

Because of his playfulness, the rescuers were doubtful that he was 11 years old. They had Frankie checked by another vet, and the vet confirmed that he was only about five to six years old.

Unfortunately, Frankie has a heart problem, which is taken care of. He is taking supplements and heart medication for his condition.

The only thing missing is Frankie’s forever family. His foster family knows that heart medications could be costly. They are willing to shoulder the cause if need be.

They don’t mind paying for his lifetime medications as long as he has a family of his own. Frankie’s foster family just wants to find him a loving home.

Frankie is blessed to have such loving and thoughtful foster parents. Soon, he will get a loving forever family as well.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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