Boxers aren’t called Boxers for nothing. These dogs are stocky, muscular, and energetic. They love to do a lot of activities by themselves, with their humans, or with fellow Boxers.

These dogs got their name from one particular move they tend to do when they play. They use their paws to reach for something, much in the same way a human boxer uses his fists against his opponent. The reasons behind these movements differ, though; human boxers fight, but Boxer dogs play.

When playing, Boxers do more than use their paws. The two Boxers in our video show how dogs of this breed play. And they are very amusing to watch.

The video stars two Boxers from Sweden: Rex, a male dog, and Tuva, a female dog. Their humans captured a video of them as they were playing in the yard one late afternoon.

It begins with Rex (the bigger dog) pinning Tuva (the smaller dog) down on the grass. Both of them seemed to enjoy playing with each other. They kept using their paws to push and grab one another. They also attempted to playfully bite one another from time to time.

Both of them kept running around the yard. And when they were not running, they were wrestling with each other. Rex frequently pinned Tuva down, but the smaller dog wouldn’t accept defeat. She gave her sibling quite a good “fight.”

Their “fight” didn’t always end up in a chase or with a wrestling match where the bigger dog pinned the smaller dog down. At times, Rex would feel a bit tired from all the running and would lie down beside Tuva. Yet, even while resting, they kept throwing their paws at each other.

With all the rolling and the running around, these two Boxers were having fun. Boxers are called Boxers because they love to use their paws. However, they’re more than just their “boxing” movements. They’re dogs who love life and will enjoy theirs as much as they can.

Source: BoxerRex via YouTube


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