If you have two dogs, you have to make sure they are properly introduced to each other and are peaceful towards each other. However, sometimes things can happen, and conflict can start. This is the case for one particular household. A Maltese named Ram keeps going after the Poodle named Dingga.

Dingga is relatively peaceful and minds her own business. However, Ram likes to start a fight every time she can. The behavior has gotten worse and worse recently.

The conflict came to the point where the two dogs had to be fed separately. The worst experience was when one of the owners got caught in the line of fire. While they were protecting Dingga, Ram kept biting and accidentally bit the owner’s legs.

Since things were so out of hand, dog behaviorist Chanjong arrived to help the owners. After some observations, he gave his analysis. The two probable causes of aggression are either pecking order or jealousy. Regardless, the solution was the same. It’s training.

Since both dogs are small, they were placed on a chair together. No one was trying to get anyone’s neck. This is because Ram is only aggressive when someone is trying to hug Dingga.

Chanjong told the owners to wait. If anyone one of the dogs laid down, it means they trust the other dog and has let their guard down. It took a few minutes, but Ram was the first to surrender. Dingga followed afterward.

Then they proceeded with discipline training. Dingga would walk across the room, and every time Ram tried to chase her, the owner would redirect her attention. Again this took a lot of repetition before it worked well.

Now that the owners have an idea of what to do. All the owners need to do is consistently repeat the process that Chanjong showed them. The process showed that the two can get along just fine, as long as they get trained well.

Video courtesy of SBS TV Animals via YouTube.


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