Cancer is indeed a menace, not just to humanity but also to animals, even dogs. Every year, about 6 million dogs are diagnosed with cancer, according to the U.S. National Cancer Institute. What is even more saddening is the fact that cancer is one of the leading causes of dog deaths.

Unfortunately, the Miller Family from Wilmington, NC recently learned the diagnosis of their 14-year old family dog named Jack. Jack, a Parson Russell Terrier, was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It was indeed heartbreaking news for the family, but they couldn’t do much about it, except give their beloved dog the love and fun memories he deserves.

The Millers thought well about Jack’s remaining days and made him a bucket list. Written on a piece of paper are things that they wish they could do for Jack – including a ride in a Wilmington PD police car! Thankfully, the Police was more than willing to give them a hand. Just recently, they gave Jack a chance of a lifetime!

First off, they let Jack ride Sergeant Lisa Kittrell’s police car, which means one item off the bucket list. Afterward, Jack walked with a police officer in a local park. They patrolled the area, meeting lots of people and animals in the process. Lastly, Jack was allowed to go inside the Wilmington Police Department headquarters – as if he was part of the team! In addition, he was given a K9 Unit Shirt and was accepted as an honorary police K9!

Other than his adventures as a police dog, Jack also has the following in his bucket list: a steak dinner, a picnic at the park, and a visit to the zoo, among others. There was also a boat ride on the list, but there was a friend who was kind enough to take Jack on one. Jack’s owners, the Millers were overwhelmed by the support shown by everybody for their dog, Jack. Jack may be terminally-ill, but at least he knows he is loved by everybody around him.

Jack Miller, Honorary WPD K9

Meet our newest K9 member…well, sort of. Jack Miller has terminal cancer, so his humans created a bucket list for him, which included taking a ride in a police car. On Sunday, we made that happen (and a little bit more). We're wishing him all the best! Check out the video of our honorary K9 and leave your well wishes in the comments.

Posted by Wilmington, NC Police Department on Monday, October 29, 2018

Source Wilmington, NC Police Department via Facebook


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