An adorable friendship developed between this sweet pup and her groomer. It was expected as they have been together for the past three years. Lisa Granade is the operator of the salon Happy at Home Pet Grooming located in Washington where the cute pup Muffin goes for his usual trim.

Granade said Muffin is so affectionate and it shows when her tails wag and she smiles whenever she sees her. Because of that, she loves having Muffin in her salon.

Although they were together for years now, they are still limited to bond with each other as it only happens on those occasions when Muffin needed a trim. They obviously both crave for some longer time together.

Recently, Granade was having her ordinary day, driving down the street. She suddenly noticed a fluffy creature that caught her attention. Little did she know that it was her favorite client at the salon. It’s Muffin having a stroll with her owner. She thought she had to stop and say hello.

But Granade’s voice blew Muffin’s mind. She called to the owner saying she has a cute dog with her. She pulled over and rolled down the window. Hearing her familiar voice, Muffin started to look for her as if freaking out.

Muffin’s reaction was so pure and precious the moment she finally saw her and realized that she was actually hearing her friend’s voice. It looks like Muffin could not believe that Granade could be anywhere aside from the salon where she was used to seeing her.

Later on, the groomer went out of the car to reach and pet her favorite client. Indeed, the two have a good friendship going on. Granade said that the bond with clients is the best part of her awesome job, and it doesn’t end inside the salon.

Source: AnimalsWorld via YouTube


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