Finding a lost dog is difficult, although not entirely impossible. Many lost dogs don’t find their way home anymore. Fortunately, some are lucky enough to still be able to get reunited with their owner. That’s the story of the dog named Titan.

Titan’s owner is Dara Prak from Texas. Back in March, Titan seemed to have been stolen from their fenced backyard. Prak found Titan’s collar and realized that his dog was already missing. He became hopeless and didn’t think that he’d see his baby boy again.

OMG I just got the most crazy and amazing news I could ever possibly get!!!They found my baby Titan, but whoever…

Posted by Prak Dara on Friday, June 1, 2018

However, a phone call from South Carolina brought Prak unbelievably good news. Someone found Titan 1,000 miles away from their home. So, Prak made a 16-hour, multi-state drive just for him to get reunited with his dog.

Their tearful reunion happened at Greenville County Animal Care and was live-streamed on Kara Hills’ (Prak’s girlfriend) Facebook Live. Initially, Titan walked past his owner. But when Prak got down the floor, the dog recognized him. Titan nuzzled his head to Prak and happily wagged his tail, to which Prak responded with a full-body hug.

My boy is back 😍🐶

Posted by Prak Dara on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Titan was badly bruised and malnourished when he was found walking on the South Carolina road. He was wearing a cone and had some injuries on his left eye. Prak said that when he saw the picture that the shelter staff sent him, he cried and lost himself. Titan looked mistreated and severely abused.

It’s uncertain how the poor dog got his injuries. However, the Greenville County Animal Care and Spartanburg Animal Control staff believed that a person or other animals might have attacked Titan.

Hey y’all Titan is gonna be on ABC13-Steve Campion later tonight at 6:30pm 😍🐶

Posted by Prak Dara on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Fortunately, Titan was wearing a microchip, which made their reunion possible. Prak encouraged those who have missing pets to persevere and not lose hope. He said that they aren’t only pets, they are family members too.

Credit: Dara Prak


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