Our story begins in Egypt, where Lucy the Pit Bull once lived. Her life there was miserable because her owner abused her. A shelter in Egypt knew about her situation, so they asked for help from the Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation (SNARR) organization.

Finding Lucy

Although they were based in the United States, SNARR still made their way to Egypt when they received the call. They immediately looked for Lucy. Their hearts were crushed when they found her. Aside from a broken jaw, the poor dog was also suffering from multiple infections and lack of nourishment. To make things worse, she was owned by the shelter’s landlord.

SNARR and the shelter in Egypt knew how tricky the situation was. However, they also knew that they had to step in to save Lucy’s life.

A risky rescue

The volunteers sneaked in to save Lucy when the owner left the property. Another volunteer sent the puppy to the United States so she can heal and start a new life. The shelter in Egypt lied to the owner and declared that the dog died.

When Lucy arrived in the United States, she was then sent to Pittsburgh. SNARR’s foster coordinator, Lauren Connelly, was there waiting for her. She rushed Lucy to the veterinarian who confirmed all infections and broken bones. They immediately started with the undernourished Pit Bull’s treatment.

Once she was done with her surgery, the veterinarian started applying treatment on Lucy’s infections. She was also given regular meals to help her get her strength and nourishment back.

The happy Pit Bull

Lucy can’t stop smiling now that her jaw is fixed. She’s shy during the first meeting, but she’s generous with her kisses and hugs once she gets comfortable. Watch the video to see how happy she is:

This is Lucy our little girl we flew in Sunday from Egypt that was beaten by her owner shattering her Jaw.. she will have surgery Monday in an attempt to repair it and if unsuccessful the bottom jaw will have to be completely removed . The estimate to repair is 3500.00 including CT scan … Please help us as you can see in spite of all the abuse she has suffered she is a trusting and loving girl that is loving life here in the US … donations towards her care can be made thru our website snarranimalrescue.org via PayPal using email snarr_1@yahoo.com or mailed to PO Box 313 Saint Martinville La 70582 payable to SNARR

Posted by Snarr – Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Credits to SNARR



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