Diana was in the worst state when Let’s Adopt International found her. She belonged to someone in the past, but her owner, who was a hunter, simply used her for his own benefit. The poor dog spent her entire life serving her master, but she received no care in return.

Like other hunting dogs, Diana was out most of the time. But when they weren’t hunting, she’s locked up in a dirty cage. Starved and dehydrated, the animal was left with no other choice but to feed on her own excrement.

Diana suffered for more than a decade. And when she became too old to hunt, her owner dumped her on the fields. She was on her own for a few weeks, without access to food or water.

After a while, Diana thought help would no longer come. She gave up on life and decided to wait for the day when she’d finally rest. Luckily, a Good Samaritan called Let’s Adopt International and asked for help.

The rescue organization’s founder, Viktor Larkhill, quickly gathered his team and responded to the call. Once the crew made it to the site, they scattered so they could quickly locate the dog. And just a couple of minutes later, they saw Diana lying on grassland.

The rescuers drove the dog straight to the hospital. She had scars on different parts of her body and several fractures that healed without medical care. Blood filled her left eye, an indication that she suffered trauma.

The vets had to remove Diana’s eye to save her life. But while she lost half her eyesight, the dog didn’t know that a better life was already waiting for her. While she recuperated, her rescue friends took the time to search for her new forever family.

Viktor and his crew made sure to provide Diana nothing but the best. Soon, they found her perfect match. With a clean bill of health issued to her by the vets, Diana traveled to Germany to meet her new family.

Credits to Viktor Larkhill


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