We all know how some shelters struggle with the increasing number of stray dogs being brought under their care every day. That’s why an animal rescue center in Wantagh, New York came up with a plan to help dogs find a loving family.

The Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter partnered with TBS, a local American TV program, to have a magician perform tricks in front of these dogs. The pups were entertained, and their reactions were recorded and shared on social media, which became an instant hit!

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In the video below, a magician named John Stessel calls each pup and shows them a small biscuit in his hand. He makes sure that the dogs see and smell the treat, and then he moves his hands to make it disappear!

Each dog has a unique and yet hilarious reaction to the simple magic trick performed in front of their eyes. Some of the pups even wanted Stessel to bring back the treat so they could gobble it up.

Some of the pups were not easily amused. A few of them were not as surprised and walked away after Stessel did the trick. One naughty dog even stole the magician’s Santa hat instead of paying attention to him.

One dog was just so happy to get the attention he wanted — he didn’t think much about the disappearing treat and just cuddled the magician. How cute!

Several pups were also a little confused with what was happening in front of them. Well, that’s what magic tricks are for!

As TBS said in their introduction video, all dogs in the clip are available for adoption. They came up with this idea to help them find their forever homes and to show people how these pups are so full of life.

It’s great to see TV shows help local shelters promote adoption. We think this video is an effective way to get their message across — that dogs are the purest and most innocent beings out there. Check out the video below and be entertained by these pups’ reactions!

Video credit: Youtube TBS


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