A few rescuers were on the road one day when they saw a few homeless people with a puppy in hand. The rescuers stopped for a while to see if the people needed anything for the puppy. The rescuers thought that they might need food or any vaccines for the dog.

A rescuer went down the vehicle to talk to the homeless people. During the conversation, the rescuer discovered that the puppy was a stray. They found the puppy three days prior, and they have taken care of the puppy ever since.

The rescuer also found out that they had another dog who had a tumor on its abdominal area. The dog’s name was Nicka. Nicka’s previous owners abandoned her because they did not want to pay for her treatments.

The rescuer first asked the homeless man if she can take the puppy and find it a good home. The man agreed.

As for Nicka, the rescuer asked her caretakers if she can take her to the vet and have her checked. Her owners agreed but begged the rescuer to bring Nicka back once she has fully recovered.

The rescuers brought the two dogs to the vet where the Asya, the puppy, was given a well-deserved bath. Her pictures were then posted online to see if they can find a good home for her.

As for Nicka, the doctor found that she had a breast tumor and an inguinal hernia that needed urgent surgery. Her tumor was removed, but it was confirmed that she had breast cancer.

Nicka would have to stay in the hospital until she is fully recovered. The rescuers promise that once she is well enough, she will be returned to her owner.

These two dogs are fortunate that some rescuers saw them on the streets. They got the treatment and medical attention that they badly needed.

Source Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel via YouTube


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