Riot’s fur parents, Veronica Pflueger and Stephen Graham Tuttle, recently took in two Pit Bull puppies over the summer. The Pittie pups were trying to nurse on Riot, but they did not know Riot is actually a male dog.

Riot does not seem to mind the puppies trying to nurse off of him and tries his best to redirect their attention by playing with them instead. Veronica said that Riot teaches foster pups how to be a normal dog.

Pittie Teaches Foster Puppies How To Dog

This pittie has taught so many foster puppies how to dog ❤️️

Posted by Pittie Nation on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Veronica shared that they mainly focus on fostering bully breeds. She said that most of the puppies they have fostered had sad, heartbreaking pasts.

Veronica said that all the puppies they foster do not know how to walk on a leash, so she brings Riot with them out for walks. The Pit Bull pups follow Riot’s lead and immediately start trotting right next to him.

Veronica shared that Riot also teaches the puppies how to play with toys, and even snuggling together. Veronica said that seeing the puppies cuddle with Riot is her favorite thing because they all look so adorable together.

Veronica is proud of how patient Riot is towards the puppies they foster. Riot does not snap at them even though the pups enjoy chasing and biting his tail.

Veronica shared that Riot was the one who inspired them to give fostering animals a try. She said that she does not know Riot’s back story and that all she knows is that he came into a shelter when he was young.

Veronica recalled that she was checking out random adoption websites when she came across Riot’s photo. She found Riot really cute and decided to adopt him.

Riot’s first foster parents shared that they named him Riot because of how goofy he is. Veronica and Stephen could not be happier that they adopted a sweet, handsome dog like Riot.

Source: Pittie Nation via Facebook


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