Lynn Terry loves dogs, especially pit bulls. Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, Lynn is a commercial and private pet photographer. She has created a name for herself with her adorable dog photo booth pictures.

Tails from the Booth is Lynn’s picture book that was published in 2015. It features a diverse group of dogs being adorable and goofy. One set of dogs featured in her series is two funny pit bulls, which are owned by Karen and Jason Garrison. Check them out below.

Bumper and Willis are the Garrison’s pit bulls, and both are rescue dogs. The Garrisons first got Bumper, who was found in an unsavory part of St. Louis, as a fighter dog. Bumper refused to fight and was eventually taken to a local pit bull rescue. Karen and Jason fell in love with her and after almost two years, decided they were ready for another dog.

Willis came into their family with an equally sad but interesting history. Willis’ mother had been one of the fighting pit bulls in the largest dog fight ring in the United States. When the fight ring was raided in 2009, Willis’ mother was rescued and gave birth to Willis a few weeks later.

Lynn loved photographing Bumper and Willis in the photo booth. The pictures are so loving and cute. Lynn says she absolutely loves the faces pit bulls make for the camera.

Lynn Terry loves pit bulls in general. The St. Louis photographer thinks pit bulls make the perfect subject matter for her photographs. She loves that they are generally happy dogs and full of energy. She is also passionate about changing the public’s perception of pit bulls, who often get a negative reaction. Here is a video on Lynn and her story of how she created her dog photo booth:

Credits: Lynn Terry Photography and Simon & Schuster Books YouTube


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