Couples who are planning to have kids in the future sometimes adopt puppies first. Mainly because having dogs is like having a child. You have to take care of them, you need to be financially ready for their needs, and there’s a lot of pooping involved. But kidding aside, it will take a lot to take care of your own pup, but you will get lots of love and cuddles in return. We think it’s a pretty good deal.

This will also involve a lot of cleaning and bathing, especially with mud. Scientists explain that this particular behavior is ingrained into their very being. Back when dogs were still out in the wild, rolling around in mud or dirt is a habit that they needed for their hunting activities. It conceals their scent, so their prey cannot easily detect them.

But for us, who are not scientists, we think they are just naughty boys and girls who like to get messy and goof around. Either way, it will be our jobs to clean them, and we have to make sure they don’t go indoors with all that mud on their paws and their bodies. Imagine mud on your carpet and furniture!

Unfortunately, Sarah Ashley’s aunt had to suffer this fate. Sarah Ashely, or Sash, posted the incident on Twitter and it caught the attention of the internet population. It has a total of 4.8 million views, 300 thousand likes, and 100 thousand comments. One can’t help but wonder how a video of a dog playing in the mud could get this much attention.

It was the aunt’s hilarious shriek at the end of the video that had everyone hooked. At the start of the video, Rose, the aunt’s new puppy was seen playing in the mud. Sash’s aunt, who was recording the video, was at first delighted at the cute sight of the puppy all dirty with mud up to her snout.

But then Rose started to run towards the house. She didn’t run inside the house, so Sash’s aunt was relatively calm. But she probably was a bit nervous as she told the pup, “Don’t go in.” But as soon as she said those words, Rose just took off and ran inside the house, inducing a loud scream from her human mom. See the hilarious video below.

Video credit: Sarah Ashley via Twitter


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