Not all parents are good parents. Some parents are actually quite bad. Especially those who bully their kids.

But this story is not about human parents. This story is about dog parents. Specifically, a bulldog mom.

The bulldog mom in our featured video seems confused about how to feel about her newborn. At first, she approaches her pup and it all looks innocent. Then, soon enough, she’s putting her head close to her pup’s head, as if initiating a kiss, or a quick sniff.

But the pup won’t have any of her mom’s antics. She’s a sassy puppy and she won’t be bullied by mom. So she growls at her mom and soon enough mommy bulldog and baby bulldog and growling at each other.

This exchange of growls happens again and again and from what we can hear from the person taking the video, the whole scene seems to be funny and innocent enough. We can all assume no dogs were hurt in this video.

This video has been viewed countless times online. And netizens have a lot to say about what they have witnessed. One commenter shared that the clip’s sweetness gave him a cavity.

Another commenter was more level-headed with her comment. She shares that it is normal for dog parents to taunt their pups. Apparently, this is their way of teaching those young puppies to be tough.

Toughness is, of course, important in the animal kingdom, especially to those who are still in the wild. The two bulldogs in this video.seem to still have wild genes running through their otherwise domesticated bloodline. That is if we are to believe the aforementioned theory about dog moms teaching their pups to toughen up.

We don’t know what mommy bulldog’s motivations are. However, we can all agree that she and her pup look cute together, even while play-fighting.

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