If you are a busy dog parent and the rest of your day is devoted to your career or raising the human members of your family, nighttime walks with your dog becomes a kind of reprieve.

This said, if you hope to continually enjoy this privilege, you must do all precautionary steps to keep your nighttime doggy walks safe.

To do this, here are common mistakes to avoid.

Going out sans sufficient nighttime gear

If you live in a city with lots of vehicle and human traffic, or in a suburb where walkways and avenues are sometimes inadequately lit, your best shot at keeping you and your dog safe during your night walks is to have all essential gears.

The most crucial of these gears include reflective leash, reflective jackets or vests, flashlight, and reflective hat. Remember that both you and your doggy companion should be geared up. You both want to be seen by people in their cars. What you do not want to be is to look like a fourth of July parade of two.

As to where you could find these essential gears, you can visit your nearby pet shop and ask the attendant for their latest offers. You can also go online to shop.

Forgetting to bring your phone

Sure you might argue that sometimes it’s nice to disconnect. And that it’s something you need from time to time. However, nighttime walks with your dog are not the best time for this.

When you venture out at night with your canine companion, you must account for all possible circumstances. These include the bad ones. Those that would require you to whip up your phone and dial for help.

So keep your android or iPhone with you and make sure it’s adequately powered and that it has all the contacts you might need in case of emergency.

Forgetting to account for nocturnal animals

If you live in a big city this might not be a problem. If you’re from the suburb, or a rural locale, the possibility of coming into contact with nocturnal animals should be anticipated.

Here the levels of risk vary depending on what kind of animal you chance upon. Skunks are relatively harmless. Aside from spraying you with the stinkiest stuff, they are pretty behaved.

The same cannot be said about badgers and coyotes. These can be outwardly antagonistic and even predatory.

Choosing strange routes

Walking out at night is potentially dangerous as it is. If you are walking through a strange route, the threats are further amplified. You do not want to risk it.

Regardless of how tough and adventurous you are, keep in mind that you are with your canine friend and they might not be as comfortable with the prospect of nighttime walks in strange places.

Keep your walks safe by opting for those routes that are already familiar to your dog and to yourself. There are better days and better time for adventure. If your goal is to simply walk your pup, you need not overdo the whole thing.




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