Lauren has been working in the hospital as a microbiologist. Due to the number of coronavirus cases that they have to diagnose, she needed to stay in the hospital to work. She practically lived there for weeks.

To make the whole situation more tolerable, she decided to foster a dog and name her Love. Some guy was breeding dogs and left a few of them in an abandoned lot. That’s where Love was found.

Love was rescued with her mom. Love’s mother was adopted shortly after the rescue, and that’s when Lauren fostered her. Love has been such a joy for Lauren during these trying times.

Love was always there to uplift everyone’s spirit. Her quirky personality and unending energy brought happiness to everyone in the hospital.

Love makes a lot of mess around her mother’s room, and she loves taking the toilet paper. She would spread it across the floor, creating a lot of clutter.

Since she is still untrained, she poops everywhere too. It is chaotic with her around, but Lauren never complains. She loves the company that Love brings, and her co-workers enjoy Love’s company as well.

Love enjoys staying at the hospital with her mom, but she is not entirely shunned from the outside world. Love Facetimes some of her friends.

Love even gets to video call her dog mom. Lauren stayed in touch with the woman who adopted Love’s mom. This allowed the two dogs to continue seeing each other.

Amidst the pandemic, Love has given her mom the emotional support that she needed. Love has kept Lauren on her toes and helped her see the positive side of things.

Fostering has been so rewarding for Lauren. She knows that because of Love, this will not be the last time that she will foster. For now, Love is more than enough for her.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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