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John Mathis was on his way back to his apartment in Texas after a long day at work. He parked his car in the underground garage and proceeded to the lobby of the apartment. It was just a typical day for Mathis, and he was not expecting anything to happen.

Mathis never expected to be a hero for this pooch nor the dog’s owner, but it turned out that he would do a heroic act for the pooch. In a footage released by his apartment, Mathis went out of the elevator.

Soon enough, a woman with her Pomeranian emerged and approached the elevator to go up to their unit. The dog, though, stopped for a while and looked around. The Pomeranian seemed curious about what was happening around.

The dog took his time before joining his owner, who already rode the elevator. The elevator, though, suddenly closed after the dog’s owner entered. The Pomeranian was left outside, with his leash held by his owner inside the elevator.

This was when Mathis’ heroism came in. When he realized that the dog was in trouble, Mathis immediately went to the rescue. In a later interview, Mathis shared that he heard the woman screaming for help inside the elevator. Since Mathis was also panicking, Mathis immediately grabbed the pooch and took off the leash. Good thing, he was able to do this on time.

When Mathis was successful in taking the dog’s leash off, he carried the dog and waited for the owner to go down. The Pomeranian did not incur any injury during the incident. Thanks to Mathis’ presence of mind during the whole ordeal.

The unnamed woman was so thankful at what Mathis did. The owner apologized and owned up to her mistake. Mathis did not mind because, for him, all of us commit mistakes. What is essential for Mathis is that the dog is safe. Watch the encounter below.

Credits to Johnny Mathis.


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