Losing a pet is as heartbreaking as losing a family member. That is most true for dog owners who treat their pooches like their very own children. So imagine a man digging a grave for his beloved dog that’s about to be put down while the same dog looks on.

Yes, this morbid scenario happened. A certain Franklin Hardy posted about it on Twitter. His serial tweets came with pictures that made the whole story even more fascinating.

It all started with a phone call. The call came from a vet. Franklin’s dad was informed that his golden doodle had to be euthanized.

Franklin’s dad took the news stoically. As much as he loved his dog, he knew losing him had to happen at some point. So he went on digging the dog’s grave.

The golden doodle watched as his grave was being dug. He was as stoic as his human. Probably because he was not aware the hole in the ground would be his resting place.

Then the morbid story turned comical. The vet visited Franklin’s dad to check on the dog. He then declared his initial findings were inaccurate.

It was not the golden doodle’s time to be put down. The dog was still relatively healthy. Of course, Twitter users weighed in on the rollercoaster ride of a story.

Twitter users expressed their concern for the golden doodle. In response, Franklin posted a picture of the dog alongside his dad’s message. According to Franklin’s dad, the golden doodle was “doing famously”.

Franklin’s dad obviously punned in his response. He was referring to how his pup has suddenly become a Twitter celebrity. That’s surely a way better ending than being lowered six feet under the ground.

There’s no update on what happened to the grave. But maybe it’s better that we don’t know.

Thanks to Franklin Hardy


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