Did you ever wonder if like us, dogs also dream of becoming a different kind of animal? I think they do after watching this video below. Look at him eating flowers. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t heard of one who does, and this video just proved me wrong. The dog really eats flowers as its owner or trainer tries to throw some on his way. Now, that’s genuinely different!

The dog who eats flowers

This video has become viral for its uniqueness. In the video is a well-behaved dog that can eat flowers as a treat from his master. Click the video button to believe and be one of the millions of believers that helped this clip become one of the most exciting videos of its time.

Will you give your dog flowers to munch?

This video is a unique clip as it shows something that while not impossible, is slightly different from others that went viral. Here, a dog is seen to eat and enjoy flower treats from its trainer or owner. It is well-behaved and just wait for the treat to come its way, then catch it between his teeth and munch each of that flower treat like any average dog would do with a food treat.

There is just one worry that some of us might be thinking: he might pick on flowers in gardens and vases to eat. The good thing is that it doesn’t do that. Look at the video where at the back is a bed of flowers that he does not give any care about. That means, the dog is not interested with flowers anywhere but only when its owner or trainer provides it. Now, that is one well-trained dog right there and worthy of a treat every time!

Source: Tome of Infinity via Youtube


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