This short story tells about a dog having a unique pattern of behavior and personality. It shows us that there are simple things we can offer that make our dogs happier.

Norbert is a very exceptional little puppy weighing approximately three pounds. He is a therapy dog. He was the only baby when he was born, and this is a reason why he was an exceptional puppy.

He frequently engages in volunteer activities mostly in hospitals and nursing homes. He helps sick people recover from an illness with his appeasing presence and calming aura.

In this video, we will find out how Norbert was very enjoyed in his mealtime in front of his owner. He did demonstrate a kind act while waiting patiently for his master to give him some sweet cookies. He just seated in the sofa and keeps on looking at his owner expecting for a treat.

Norbert’s eyes glimmer as he gets his first cooky and immediately chews it in a very adorable fashion. The manner that Norbert chomps the food sideways and smacks the lips of his mouth touches our hearts.

But then his mom tried to give him another one. Norbert was very excited to get the other cooky. His eyes glimmered showing his great delight. His cute tiny tongue sticks out with his mouth wide open.

He can’t admit that he is fortunate to receive such a reward. Sincerely, he was so adorable that one could not resist giving him more cookies. He displayed a very fantastic look that melts our hearts.

We could never deny that dogs indeed possess various traits and charisma that made them very special to humans. Therefore, they deserve all the love and care they have received from the people around them.

Here is a great video that shows this cute therapy dog.

Source: Norbert via YouTube


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