We have already seen a lot of dogs in movies and TV shows. Most of the time, we are curious about how the dog was chosen to be a part of the film.

In the live-action movie version of Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp,” which was released on theaters in 2019, the dog who played the role of Tramp came from a shelter in Phoenix, Arizona.

Monty, a terrier mix, was rescued by Mesilla Valley animal shelter and eventually was adopted by HALO Animal Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona. Everybody at HALO Animal Rescue fell in love with Monty. The believed that the family who would adopt him would not have any difficulty taking care of him.

Nobody thought that Monty would become a Hollywood celebrity!

Talent scouts are searching for the dog cast of “Lady and the Tramp” remake. They want rescue dogs to be part of the film. Thousands of photos from different shelters were sent to them.

For Tramp’s role, the scouts are looking for a scruffy-looking dog.

When the scouts looked at Monty’s photo, they felt the need to see the dog in person. The talent scouts went to HALO Animal Rescue but didn’t tell who they are to the staff. They described the dog that they want to see. When they saw Monty at the shelter, they knew he was the perfect fit for the role.

He was lined up with the other candidates, and after numerous deliberation, he got the role!

Animal trainers didn’t have a hard time on Monty during the filming of the movie. He was well-behaved and easy to manage.

Monty’s star appearance at “Lady and the Tramp” proves that a shelter dog can turn into someone amazing. Shelter dogs are also capable of doing something marvelous and exceptional.

We’re so proud of you, Monty!

Photos courtesy of Justin Theroux via Instagram


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