Dogs are brave and loyal. They love unconditionally. They will try and do whatever it takes to save us, even if it will cost their lives. That’s what Staff Sgt. Isky Brown had proven us.

Sgt. Wess Brown and Staff Sgt. Isky, the K9, had been together for years now. Isky means everything to Brown. He is like a family to him.

Together, they traveled the world searching for explosives. They were chosen to be part of the advance team which clears areas for high ranking officials. They have worked for the secretary of defense, generals and most of all, President Obama.

What a great night last night for our membership meeting. Three new members attended, Ron Roberts, Wes Brown, and his…

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They have completed more than 300 missions. They did it all together. That’s the reason why their bond is unbreakable.

Last May 2014, they were deployed for a mission in Herat, a small province of Afghanistan. They were doing their search when the situation changed rapidly. There were multiple shots fired towards them.

As Brown and Isky were about to go up the stairs, a small explosion happened near them. Isky was walking behind him, and he slipped off. One of his front legs was caught between the stairs.


They were immediately removed from the front lines. Isky was brought to Germany for surgery. It was a long way for Brown and Isky.

When the operation was finished, Isky’s leg was finally stabilized. But the results of the scans revealed that there is a tumor on his injured leg. The doctors said that it should be treated immediately or else it will spread and kill him in a span of 6 months.

The doctors said that they would have to amputate Isky’s injured leg with a tumor. Brown, without a doubt, told them that Isky is his dog and he wanted the paperwork to start as soon as possible. Fortunately, Isky was saved from the terrible sickness.

He is now registered as Sgt. Wess Brown’s service dog. They’ve been through a lot of things together, good and bad. As Brown is going through his retirement, he is there to comfort him. Isky is indeed a true born hero.

Credit: Remington Harold J. Davis Post 247, ABC News

Thanks to our friends from ABC News for sharing this story.


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