If you are in the process of purchasing a dog from a breeder, here are questions you must not forget to ask.

Which dog breed should I choose?  

Most dog breeders are trustworthy enough to let you in on the crucial details about the dog breeds they are selling. These canine professionals breed dogs usually with the intent of enhancing the resulting litters’ general health and physical attributes. A good dog breeder can promise you that the pup you are picking from a litter is an improved version of its parents.

This is why you should ask your chosen dog breeder this question in earnest. If at any point you suspect you have chosen a breeder who’s only in it for the profit and not to actually provide assistance to their customers, it is best to look elsewhere.

What is the health and vaccination history of this dog’s lineage?

All would-be dog parents want to take home a healthy dog. This is possible if you ask your dog breeder this question. An honest dog breeder will let you in on pertinent information regarding the health and vaccination history of their litter’s doggy parents.

Knowing the answer to this question will help you decide whether you are ready to commit to a specific puppy, with their lineage’s medical history in mind.

Do you offer buyers with a canine purchase contract?

Ideally, your chosen dog breeder should offer their buyers a canine contract. And, ideally, you should be able to review this legal agreement prior to purchasing a puppy from them. A canine purchase contract should include all the nitty-gritty, from health-related stipulations to your breeder’s responsibilities on your purchased dog.

If you are not quite confident in reviewing contracts, do not hesitate to seek expert help and advise. For this purpose, you could work alongside both a legal practitioner and a canine breed expert. Remember that a canine purchase contract protects you from irresponsible breeding practices you might not have known from the get-go and that are only revealed after you’ve taken your new pup home.

What is your dog’s price range?

Expect to pay a hefty price for a well-bred puppy. This goes without saying that you should be discriminating enough when you’re agreeing to a price. Ask your dog breeder which puppies fall within your “doable” price range.

Do not commit to a purchase whose price tag is way beyond what you can afford.

Can I meet any of your previous customers?

Never hesitate to ask this question. A reliable dog breeder will not hesitate to put you in contact with their previous clients. Now if they have something to hide then that’s an entirely different story and you might as well run for the exit.

Can I meet the dog before making my purchase?

Ideally, the answer to this question is a resounding yes.  If your dog breeder won’t allow you to meet the puppy you are about to purchase prior to your signing above the dotted line, they are probably raising a red flag. In this instance, it is best that you look for a more transparent dog breeder.



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