Every dog lover in the world knows that dogs capable of saving the life of their humans – this is an amazing fact. However, what’s more astonishing is how they are able to do it. When a human is drowning, they fearlessly jump into the water to recover them, and if an intruder breaks in, they chase them away.

In the city of Boston, a husky and beagle mix did something that not too many dogs are capable of – ask for help from other humans. This hero pup is Lucy. She and her dad, John Miles, take a walk every day, and they always go through the same route along Neponset Ave in the neighborhood of Dorchester.

However, on that fateful day, something terrible happened to them. A speeding car, whose driver was probably trying to beat the red light, hit John and Lucy as they were crossing the busy thoroughfare. The impact was so bad that John broke both his legs, an arm, and had several fractures on his face.

The poor pup, Lucy, was injured as well. She had a fracture on her hind leg and a torn ACL. After the accident happened, John was lying on the road, unconscious. Luckily, his pup was smart enough to understand that he wasn’t alright and that he needed help. So Lucy, despite being injured, asked for help.

She went to the nearest office, where she found people and kept barking outside. Lucy found a dentist’s clinic full of people. When the curious crowd investigated, Lucy limped back to her dad, John. That’s when they realized that something had happened, so they called 911.

When the EMTs arrived, they found Lucy right next to John, who was still unconscious. The emergency room doctor shared that if it weren’t for Lucy, John might not have survived. They were both pretty hurt, but they were going to be alright after sending some time in recovery. A year later, the SPCA LA awarded Lucy the National Dog Hero Award for her courage.

Credits: vorn diren


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