Dogs and guests together in one house can turn out to be a disaster. Especially during the holiday season when you cannot predict the number of times and number of guests visiting your home during the season. Months before the season happens, you should already train and protect your dog from the overwhelming holiday crowd and activities.

Some dogs should be separated from humans altogether. They are the shy dogs, older dogs, aggressive type, noise-phobic, and untrained dogs. They are strictly needed to be separated from any activity. If possible, provide them with calming music and durable and safe chew toys to keep them from boredom.

Be aware of how you touch him. Patting on the head or hugging show signs of aggression for dogs. Instead, massage him behind the ears and scratch his belly. You should train your dog to be handled. He needs this training not only for events with guests but also for vet visits.

When handle training is successful, give him treats and praises when you hug him, hold his ears, tail or paw. You can never control how a child will react and squeeze your dog in his least favorite parts.

Children need to be trained as well on how to behave around dogs. They should not be following the dog around poking and pinching unnecessarily. They should never be alone with a dog. They should not disturb a sleeping or an eating dog. Never let them near the dog’s crate.

You might love it when your dog jumps up to you when you get home. But he might think that it is okay for him to do that with everyone coming home. It is a big risk hazard if he jumps up to children. Best is to not allow him to jump up even to you. If he jumps up, tell him to sit. When he does sit, reward him with a treat or a praise.

Let the dog warm up to any person slowly. Do not let people carry him or let children pet him at first meet. He may turn into aggression and growl when scared. It makes the child scared too. The after-effects are disastrous. Teach him to play nicely. Establish obedience training from puppyhood so it will be easy for you to establish rules.

In case of aggression, consult your vet on how to deal with it. But you yourself can eradicate aggression by starting to train him early. Ignore him when he shows bad behavior. Do not punish him. And when he is good, reward him with treats.

Watch over your dog and food around the house that are easy to reach. Contrary to common knowledge, chocolate is bad for dogs. It is poisonous to them.

You may be exhausted from holiday shopping and preparations but this is not an excuse for you to ignore your dog totally. They deserve the training, play and physical routine that you have provided for them every day. The season is not an exception.


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