All dogs bark. It is their nature. Just like frogs who croak. Or birds who sing. Dogs bark, they whine and they howl. It is easy to understand this. But sometimes the barking, whining and howling gets out of control and becomes too much to handle and is irritating to you and your neighborhood.

Puppies who are bored, especially when left alone lack exercise and socialization. So in answer to this boredom, they bark. No one stops them when they are alone.

Then the barking becomes their number one pastime. And you cannot do anything about it anymore. Sometimes when he barks, you come over to him, rub him and go back to your bedroom. He misunderstands this action as you liking it. So he does it again.

Then you come out again and give him the attention he is craving for. And the cycle begins.
It all comes down to your basic one-on-one training with your canine friend. One of the first lessons he should learn is obedience training. Teach him to sit, fetch, stop, stay.

Remember that dogs are social beings like humans. But they cannot talk, chatter or understand words. They can understand body language. If you get out of the house and shout at him to stop barking, he will misunderstand and think that you are encouraging him to bark more. So that is what he does. So how should you treat it?

Ignore him when he barks. Be firm and talk in a low voice. Tell him to stop. Once he stops, give him a reward and a praise. Straightforward, right? If he does not stop barking, try a splash of water in the face. Once he stops, give him a treat. Think like a dog. What you see is what you get. This will get him to start barking.

It would take weeks of training to stop your dog from barking. All you need is to be consistent and be firm. Your pup’s behavior actually radiates from what you show him. If you are tense, he gets more tensed. If you are worried, he will go and run around the backyard, bark and dig like the end of the world.

He needs to be un-bored. Take him out for daily short walks. Take him with you to the grocery store. Go to several places to see other people, other dogs and let him see, hear and smell nature. He does not have enough to go to in your backyard, re the boredom. And he really needs to socialize and exercise. He has lots of pent-up energies that are being wasted in barking and howling.

Your pup is your family member ever since you adopted him. Treat him like one. Just like human babies, with proper attention, the fewer tantrums he’ll have and will avoid acting up. Instead of barking endlessly, he will learn to bark only as necessary and for some reason. Maintain the positive relationship and enjoy the fruits of both your hard works.


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