Dogs want to live too. Some are fighting for their lives while waiting for someone to rescue them. All they want is for someone to lend them a hand.

Kay is the cofounder of Jersey Pits Rescue. Someone from animal control called her one day about an emaciated dog. When Kay saw the picture that was sent to her, she broke down in tears.

The canine was skin and bones. The poor dog, Reese, was on the brink of death. She immediately agreed to help and brought the dog to the vet.

Reese was only 17 pounds. She could hardly lift her head, but she still tried just to give her rescuers a few kisses. It melted Kay’s heart to see how trusting Reese was.

Kay has been following Reese’s progress, but her health seems to be declining. She could not lift her head any longer. Kay consulted the vet about it.

The vet explained to her that Reese was able to lift her head due to adrenaline. Now that she knows she is in a safe place, her body is starting its healing process.

Day by day, Kay and the other rescuers could see her progress. One day, she was able to stand for a few seconds.

The next, she was standing for a couple of minutes. Finally, Reese could walk on her own.

In a month, Reese walked out of the hospital, and Kay was very proud of her. Reese was then sent to Ryn, who became her foster mom.

Reese immediately warmed up to her new family. She was playing with toys, interacting with everyone, and just having the time of her life. Reese loves being with her foster family.

Reese loves cuddles and enjoys being around other people too. Reese is ready for her forever family. Thanks to Kay and her team for giving Reese the support and help that she needed.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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