At some point of our lives, life may throw us a curveball that is unfortunately irreversible. Losing a limb is a painful experience that no other people could describe except for those who are actually experiencing it. When Jackie Perdue’s lab Zoey took a punch of losing her rear limbs, it didn’t keep her from bouncing back and living a good life.

Zoey wasn’t born paralyzed. One day, she was gone and never found for two months until around December. Jackie says, “We haven’t identified what caused her broken back. As far as I know, she was pretty okay before she was gone and it’s terrible that this happened to her.”

Jackie was so thankful in having Zoey back in her life. She made sure to put everything back to normal as much as she could for her. Jackie obtained a doggie wheelchair for Zoey that serves as her back legs, helping her move at ease.

Jackie didn’t stop there. To make her dog happy, she thought of inviting a dog in the same boat as Zoey. Last June, 2017, the path of the two adorable pooches with wheels crossed.

Zoey met Scooty in a beach at San Diego, California and they had all day long to play. Along with other dogs, both of them got on their feet and wheels and immersed in the waters. They seemed to be getting along with each other just fine.

According to Jackie, “This is the first time that Zoey encountered and played with a dog in the same situation as her.” Jackie looked very excited about what’s going to happen with Zoey and Scooty’s meetup at the beach. The weather was absolutely perfect!

Jackie was particularly interested in Zoey’s reaction once she sees another dog with wheels. When they finally met, Jackie was very happy because she saw her dog having a great time. The efforts she made definitely paid off. Check their awesome playtime below.




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