Everybody loves the golden retriever and poodle mix, otherwise known as Goldendoodle. However, no one probably loves them more than this six-month-old baby named Theo.

Theo’s family owns three Goldendoodles named Charley, Shea, and Samson. The one-year-old Charley and Shea came from the same litter. Samson, on the other hand, is six years old. He originally came from Ontario, Canada, before Jessica, Theo’s mother, adopted him back in April 2014.


Since he moved to New York, Samson has been to lots of adventures. They are all documented in his own Instagram account, which has already racked up over 700,000 followers. Isn’t that impressive? However, for Samson, there is no better adventure than being with his best pal, Theo.

According to Jessica, the duo’s relationship started when Theo was only one week old. Jessica placed her son in the middle of the three dogs, which made Theo beam. Since then, Samson and Theo started to develop a friendship that is super strong and adorable.

Jessica saw how Theo’s relationship with Samson evolved, and she can’t help but be amazed. According to her, at such a young age, Theo is already learning to pet and rub the dog. He is also becoming more aware of his presence, which Jessica finds so sweet to watch. It wouldn’t be surprising if, pretty soon, Theo will start sneaking treats to him too.

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#allyouneedisLOVE ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Unfortunately there’s too much hate in this world but love must prevail … It’s easy to show that through dogs & a baby because they are the true representation of #unconditionallove and no judgements (maybe one of the reasons you all have found a little retreat through these pics during these uncertain times & I’ve kept posting …) I don’t know the exact words to say right now & I hope you’ve found posts/sentiments by people more eloquent than me … of course when we bring a child into the world we hope they will be happy & healthy but more importantly that we must always have open conversations about race, privilege … and raise them with an open mind & heart ❤️✨ Not only in moments of crisis but every day … #staysafe 🙏🏼 #spreadlove 💫 #letsbethechange 🤍 #blacklivesmatter 👶 #adogandhisboy

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Jessica believes that Theo and Samson have such a deep bond because her son felt the pup’s calming presence. Theo is the kind of baby that is very calm and chilled-out. Although Jessica said that this is partly because of Theo’s genes and personality, she also thinks that having the dogs around helped.

Before Theo was born, Charley and Shea were the only ones who had regular appearances on Samson’s Instagram account. Now, partly because Theo is always found snuggling with Samson, the little boy has become a mainstay of the social media account too.

Jessica said that her goal on Samson’s account before was only to spread joy and bring laughs to people. She did not realize that adding her baby to the mix would bring them even more attention. Understandably, nothing could be purer than the bond between an innocent baby and an adorable dog.

Credit: Samson The Goldendoodle


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