Boxers are known to be strong-willed dogs. They can be stubborn when they’re commanded to do what they don’t want to do. Training them while they’re young can help them obey commands even when they would prefer to do something else. The Boxer in our video shows this.

Rex is a Boxer who has been with his human parents since he was an eight-week-old puppy. He was taught to obey commands as he was growing up.

This Boxer knows how to obey basic commands like sit, stay, and go ahead. His dad knows he is a very obedient dog despite his playfulness.

One day, his dad took a video of him to show just how obedient he can be even when faced with a difficult challenge. You see, Boxers love to eat, and Rex isn’t any different. He loves to run, loves his family, loves to play with people and fellow dogs, and most importantly, he loves food.

The video starts with Rex sitting down in front of a table outside the house. Dad introduced his beloved pooch as the “delicious Swedish male Boxer.” He then introduced the challenge: This Boxer must stop himself from eating a “delicious Swedish meatball” until told.

Rex’s self-control is both amazing and hilarious. The food-loving dog successfully controls himself in the face of a tasty-looking piece of meatball. However, his body’s reaction to the food betrays him; his nose twitched uncontrollably at the smell of the tempting treat.

What’s even funnier is the fact that he has this facial expression that made his struggle look obvious. His droopy and expressive eyes were fixed on the meatball. His mouth was shaking, indicating that he was trying to keep it shut. He almost wanted to look away from the food!

Despite his amusing response to the meatball challenge, it’s a fact that he won every single time. Dad placed a meatball in front of him several times – on both the table and the pavement before him – but he was able to stop himself from eating. That’s a good boy right there.

Source: BoxerRex via YouTube


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