Dog owners will all agree that fleas are such a nuisance. These blood-suckers cause lots of discomfort to dogs, including constant and excessive itching which quickly results in rashes all over a dog’s body. That on top of canine blood loss that’s bound to happen, alongside other potential adverse health effects.

Fleas can also bite humans, once they decide that they are done with canine blood. And, if worse comes to worst, a house can fall prey to a total flea infestation. This is why fleas must be fought at all costs.

And most humans do fight fleas with all their might. They use everything at their disposal to keep their dogs and their home free from fleas. But what happens if the dog hosting these fleas is in denial about his condition?

The dog in our featured story has this problem. He has got those bloodsuckers running through the thickness of his coat but he refuses to accept that that’s exactly the case. And when confronted about the problem, this stubborn dog does the cutest thing, which was thankfully captured in the video below.

Petey is a small dog with ample hair. This must be why he easily fell prey to a flea infestation. Although Petey hates fleas as much as his humans do, the dog refuses that he’s part of the problem.

The idea of having those bloodsuckers on him angers Petey. In the video, Petey’s human suggests that the dog has got fleas on him. Petey responds with angry barking and growling.

Petey seems to be saying “no I ain’t got no fleas”. Petey’s humans can’t wrap their head around why Petey is in denial. But they are willing to tolerate the dog on account of his undeniable cuteness.

At some point, Petey has to confront his problem. We’re hoping an “intervention” video comes out, too.

Thanks to Waggle TV


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