The term “Man’s Best Friend” did not just pop out of the blue. Dogs are adorable, smart, and extremely loyal. Aside from being caring, they are bright enough to assess situations and react to them accordingly. They can sniff out trouble just by sensing it. They can also be very loyal to their owners, not abandoning them in times of crisis.

A perfect example of this would be what the couple Benjamin and Hope Jordan experienced. As they moved to Charleston, North Carolina, recently, they need a nanny for their 7-month old son, Finn. After doing some research, they were able to find a sitter who they thought was someone they can trust.

Five months later, the couple started noticing some change. One was their dog Killian being aggressive towards the nanny. He would bristle up, bark at the sitter when she gets close to the baby, and would even put himself in between the baby and the nanny. The couple got confused about their Labrador’s behavior.

With that, Benjamin and Hope’s suspicions just grew, so they decided to take action. They hid an iPhone on recording mode underneath the couch. They thought that this should at least capture the sounds within the surrounding, which may be enough to let them hear what’s happening when they are not at home.

What they heard from the recording, however, was a nightmare. For almost 7 hours, Finn was crying the entire time. The nanny was cursing at their son and calling him horrible names. What made it worse was that the behavior was unprovoked.

That was enough for both Benjamin and Hope to call the authorities. Thankfully, the nanny will be facing 1-3 years in prison. The couple can only feel grateful towards Killian as, without his warning, they would not have been able to protect Finn.

Source: Josh Hour via YouTube


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