When Hurricane Florence blew over North Carolina, tremendous floods impaired the area. But it did not stop courageous people from showing heroism as they searched the flooded community of Jacksonville for anyone who might need help. There are high chances that some people or pets may be trapped in their houses given the situation.

A video of two dogs assembling in the veranda went viral when the men who were trying to save them saw the scene. The men were so amused by what they saw and could not help but film it. They made sure that the house where the dogs stayed is empty and that they will not leave anyone behind.

The dogs needed immediate attention as they were submerged in water for quite some time. As soon as they sensed that help has finally arrived, the dogs did not stop wagging their tails to show how happy they were. The men hurriedly put the dogs in their boat so they can leave the area right away.

While they were on the boat, the men planned what they were supposed to do with the dogs once they reach a dry and safe location. They decided to place the animals in a shelter since they know that there were plenty of animal shelters in the area. They want to make sure that the dogs will not be abandoned and that they will be safe.

These men’s heroic deeds did not stop there. They went back to the area and continued searching for animals that may be trapped somewhere. They were able to rescue a cat which seemed to be drowning in water. Luckily, they arrived on time; hence, they were able to save the cat from further danger.

You can watch the video below:

Video source: abc4utah via YouTube

Thanks to our friends over at Oh My Pup for sharing with us the original story.


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