Bringing a new dog home is one of the best feelings in the world. You become a parent to this furry baby, and you strive to give him a safe, secure and happy home.

But what if one day, the dog disappears and you never find him again? The pain and sorrow must be beyond measure.

The same thing happened to Dara Prak, dog owner to a pit bull named Titan.

Losing Titanred nosed pit bull, pit bull, pit mix

Dara lost Titan without his knowledge. Titan was dognapped from his home. The culprit only left behind Titan’s collar.

Sad and worried, Dara searched for Titan everywhere. He went to local shelters and inquired whether they’ve found a lost pit bull. He also sent out a word on social media, hoping that someone may have found his beloved dog.

The search process went on and on for three months. Although Dara was increasingly worried about Titan’s welfare in each passing day, he said he never lost hope. He still brought Titan’s leash and collar wherever he goes.

He knew deep in his heart that he would one day find Titan and they would be reunited.

Finding Titan

pit bull, terrier mix, head

Dara’s optimism paid off. One day, in the middle of the third month of his search, Dara received a call from a shelter in South Carolina, which is a thousand miles away. Apparently, they were able to trace Dara through Titan’s microchip implant.

According to the shelter workers, Titan is in bad shape and may have been abused before he was rescued. Upon hearing the news, Dara and his girlfriend drove all the way to South Carolina.

Dara stood patiently as he waited for shelter workers to bring Titan out. Tears rolled his eyes when he saw his beloved pit bull wearing an e-collar. One of Titan’s eyes was also shut and injured.

And as soon as Titan realized that he was finally reunited with his dad, he wagged his tail enthusiastically and gave his dad hugs and kisses. He even laid down on the floor, as if asking for a belly rub.

Dara took Titan home that day, very happy that his baby is now back securely in his arms, after almost four long months of being away.

Watch Dara and Titan’s tearful reunion in this Youtube video.


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