Karen and Tina Hawkins believe that their fur babies, Emma and Elmo, do not get along well. The couple never saw their cat, Elmo, hanging out with their dog, Emma, and often ignored one another like the plague.

Karen and Tina thought that their fur babies would never be friends because the animals made it seem that they do not like each other’s company. However, the couple was mistaken because they eventually discovered a big secret that their pets are keeping from them.

The couple found out that Emma and Elmo are actually the best of friends. Karen and Tina discovered their pets playing hide and seek around their house like little kids.

Cat And Dog Kept A Big Secret From Their Moms

When Elmo the kitten was rescued, he wanted nothing to do with his dog sister Emma and it seemed like they'd never get along. Today on Odd Couples, watch how their moms started to notice Elmo and Emma were up to something β€” and finally found out they were keeping the most adorable secret πŸΆπŸ’šπŸ˜»

Posted by Odd Couples on Thursday, 21 June 2018

Karen and Tina recalled that Elmo used to hide from Emma for about a month. The couple kept on hoping that their pets would eventually connect and be friends with one another, and they finally did.

The couple went home a few hours earlier than they used to, and they discovered that their pets were secretly hanging out from underneath the dining table. Karen and Tina recalled that Elmo and Emma ran away from each other as soon as they saw that they were back from work.

Tina and Karen shared that their pets often scrambled and ran away from each other whenever their parents are back home from work, as if they were criminals who were caught in the act. The couple believed that their babies did not want them to know just how much they loved each other.

The couple recalled that Elmo eventually gave up hiding their friendship from them, so the two animals looked as if they agreed to show their moms just how inseparable they are from one another. Tina and Karen shared that their hearts melted when they saw their fur babies spending time with each other.

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