Have you ever felt so frustrated about not being able to do anything because something was stopping you? And what if it was your fur baby that was stopping you? Our video shows us just how both frustrating and heartwarming it can be when our dogs do something like that.

Rex is a huge Boxer who lives with his loving human family in Sweden. One day, his dad rolled up an old mattress so he could take it to the recycling center. Being a playful dog, Rex jumped right in to help.

His human dad thought he was really there to help. However, it wasn’t long when he discovered that by “help,” Rex meant “help it to stay home longer.”

The comical dog growled and bit the mattress at the part that his dad was holding and trying to fold. He was trying to stop dad from rolling it up.

Dad’s simple chore became incredibly difficult because of Rex’s resistance, but he couldn’t get angry even though he was getting frustrated. He would try to fold the mattress in an area away from the dog, but his pet would quickly run toward him and bite the mattress there, too.

It was evident that Rex didn’t want his dad to fold the mattress up. He kept growling and biting the old cushion right near the spots where his dad’s hands were as if to tell him, “Hands off, dad.” He was persistent in stopping his dad.

Dad, on the other hand, wasn’t going to stop. He was able to fold the mattress a little bit at a time.

But his frustration became more evident the more prolonged the tug-o-war took. He thought of ways to distract the Boxer. He covered Rex with the mattress, patted his back, rump, and thighs, and even played with him. His efforts went to no avail.

Soon, after all the attempts to make him go away, the dog emerged as the clear winner. Dad gave in and, along with mom, decided to keep the mattress for a little while longer, for as long as the playful Boxer wants to keep it as a playing mat. Dad loves Rex, after all.

Source: BoxerRex via YouTube


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