One puppy has been traveling the world ever since the day his fur parents adopted him. Hannelyn and Henry took home a Golden Retriever and Poodle mix from the shelter and named him Sebastian.

Sebastian started his journey in New York City as his fur parents’ traveling companion in their minivan and drove all the way down to Argentina. Sebastian has been to a total of seven states and ten countries, and his fur parents cannot wait to see more places together as a family.

Puppy Is Traveling The World In A Van With His Parents

Dog van life 🐶❤️

Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Hannelyn shared that they try to do everything they could together with their dog. Hannelyn and Henry make sure that Sebastian is with them in their every hike because it makes them see things in their fur baby’s perspective.

Hannelyn shared that Sebastian’s excitement makes them more excited and appreciate whatever it is that they are doing as a unit. Hannelyn said that they could not be any more grateful that they have Sebastian as their dog.

Henry and Hannelyn make sure that their dog would see everything inside their vehicle by rolling up the shades that cover their two back windows so that he won’t miss out on the amazing sights that they are seeing. Hannelyn said that Sebastian’s belongings have a special place in their van, and are all safely tucked in one basket.

Henry recalled that Sebastian often has times when he gets overly excited, so they try to include stopovers as much as possible to calm their dog down. Hannelyn shared that Sebastian enjoyed himself when we went to Laguna Paron because the environment was cool and refreshing.

Hannelyn recalled that their minivan’s mechanic said that his dog just gave birth and that Sebastian immediately clung onto them as soon as they arrived. Hannelyn shared that they were not supposed to get a dog, but getting Sebastian was the best decision they made because he made everything better and more fun for them.

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